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Home currency is the Canadian dollar (CAD).

All stamps are guaranteed sound and genuine unless otherwise described.  Stamps incorrectly identified, improperly described, or otherwise unsatisfactory may be returned for full refund or credit within 30 days.  See our Refund Policy page.


Postage and handling is charged on all material sent through the mail.

Invoice total $0 - $100.00
Invoice total $100.01 - $200.00
Invoice total over $200.00



Orders over $200.00 will be sent by registered or express mail service. Registration for lesser amounts must be requested. An additional amount may be required to fully cover the actual shipping costs for heavy or bulky items such as postcard lots, covers, year sets, mixtures, collections, etc.
We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage due to circumstances beyond our control.

Sales Tax for Canadian Residents

We must charge Canadian residents the appropriate sales tax. 


Buying through our website is safe and easy.  You must first place your items in the shopping cart.  When the order is complete, proceed to the checkout stage and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the transaction.  You will be prompted to choose either to pay from your PayPal account (if you have one), or directly with your credit card.

Customers may also submit their orders by phone, letter mail or email.    Credit card payments over the phone are possible for Canadian residents only.  For your protection, we do not store credit card information.  Only cheques drawn on Canadian or US banks can be accepted. Direct bank transfer is also accepted. 

Foreign customers must pay through the website or make other payment arrangements.

Key to Abbreviations

MNH Mint never hinged
MLH Mint lightly hinged
MH Mint hinged
(may have HR)
HR Hinge remnant
U Used 
XF Extra fine

VF Very fine
F-VF Fine-very fine
F Fine 
VG Very good
SD Slightly damaged
OG Original gum

NG No gum
RG Regummed
SON Centrally cancelled
CTO Cancelled to order
OUT Not available


Catalogues used for reference and pricing guidelines:

Scott Standard
Facit Special
Unitrade Specialized (Canada, Newfoundland, Provinces)