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Beautiful New Stamps from Sweden Issued January 2020

Heartfelt Greetings - Send your congratulations, invitations and other greetings with heart motifs.

Doors - SEK 50 has the door to Zorngården as its motif, designed by Artist Anders Zorn himself. SEK 20 shows the door from Villa Edstrand in Falsterbo.

Collectors can subscribe to the new issues from Postnord in the format shown. These are sent as they are released, several mailings each year.  You receive one copy of each different stamp design.  This is the only way to get single copies.


Featured from among our New Arrivals - Icelandic Zeppelin Mail


In May 1931 Icelandic stamps were overprinted Zeppelin/1931 in preparation for use on mail sent to Germany via the airship Graf Zeppelin (LZ-127) which was to visit Reykjavik on July 1.  She departed Friedrichshafen on June 30 for the flight to Iceland and back.  Mail was exchanged in Reykjavik.  The airship did not actually land, as there were no facilities, but it descended low enough to pass mailbags up and down. The letter shown here reached Barcelona on July 4, an amazingly short delivery time in 1931.
This interesting item of Icelandic postal history is for sale on our website.
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