Our New Website + Tips on Searching

Robert cantwell


The new Northwind Stamps website has been live for approximately 6 months now, so for interested friends and customers, I thought a report on progress to date would be appropriate. Traffic to the new site has been strong.  Faithful customers who had bookmarked pages on the old site are being redirected.  Over 100 visitors have signed up for the Newsletter so far.  Subscribers will receive these blogs as Newsletters in advance of publication on the website, and so will be first to know of any Special Offers, Promotions, Coupons, etc.  In addition, there will be certain offers available ONLY to Newsletter subscribers.

The new website incorporates the latest technology and offers many new features for the visitor. There is a currency conversion button, top right, on every page for the convenience of international visitors.  There is also a French version of the site  which can be accessed with a single click. This button is located at the bottom right corner of every page.

Most exciting for me is the powerful Search feature, which can also be accessed from every page.  It has many applications and can be a useful shortcut for collectors seeking out specific material from our 5000+ product inventory.  You can search for topicals.  You can search for specific Scott numbers.  Other examples: if you collect only ''used'' stamps, or only ''MNH'' stamps, you can quickly narrow the field.  Try searching for ''perfins'', ''errors'', ''Iceland MNH'', etc.  Be creative.  I have tried to insert relevant keywords in each listing.  Of course, you are always welcome to simply browse the pages.

As of today, there are actually 5786 products for sale on the Northwind Stamps website.  I am adding new items every week, but would also like to encourage collectors with specific wants not found on the website to submit their want lists.  I will reply promptly with availability and prices and may be able to help you fill some holes, or find the elusive or rare items that you need.

Your comments are always welcome.

Cheers until next time!







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